Elsa quickly walked to the castle. It has been a while since she had seen her sister. Elsa was in the United States to help a city that had a tragic hurricane. She stopped in her tracks,looking alarmed and calm at the same time. "Why is there fire and water in the air?" She thought to herself. She ran with a worried look on her face,hoping there wasn't a fire and her sister was alright. Elsa then froze in her tracks. She couldn't believe what she saw! One girl had fire coming out of her hands and did great stunts with it. Another had water coming out of her hands and she was also doing stunts. Their routine looked like it was about to end. The fire girl used her powers to make what looks like a snowflake and the water girl made a flower in her hand. "How did she do that?" Elsa thought,looking at the water girl. They bowed down and the audience applauded for them and some people were shouting "Encore,Encore!". 

"WELCOME BACK,QUEEN ELSA!" The kingdom yelled,spying Elsa watching them. The fire and water girls quickly ran away and Elsa ran after them. "WAIT UP,I'M NOT GOING TO DO ANYTHING!" Elsa ran with all her might trying to catch up to them. Once she did,she said "Don't worry,I won't do anything,I want to know your names." One girl walked up to her with a big smile on her face. "You must be Elsa,your majesty." The girl said and Elsa had a confused look on her face. "Your my sister,Anna. You don't have to call me 'your majesty'." Elsa said "I'm not Anna,I'm Rayella,and the girl right over there is Ariana." The girl said. "Pleased to meet you,your majesty." Ariana said. "I've never seen you ever since I came out of the castle. Why is that so?" Elsa asked. "Like you,we weren't outside much due to our powers. We we're so worried that people would find out,we decided to just stay in our homes." Ariana said "Then,when we found out about your powers,we knew we weren't alone and when you came back from running away,we knew we would be accepted around here now." Said Rayella "So,when you left to go to the United States,we decided to do an act for everyone. We ran off for some reason,I just don't know why." Ariana said with a sigh. "Well,it was very nice to meet you,see you later!" Rayella walked to her house with Ariana following. "Wait…do you want to be friends?" Elsa asked. "Sure!" They both said and walked home

To be continued…

Sorry about this chapter being weird XD